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Joanne Butcher is a speaker and teacher of the Business of Film. She brings a great energy and fantastic information.  Once health guidelines during the pandemic allow, she will again be available for live speaking engagements.  See at bottom what you can expect at one of these events.


Currently, Joanne conducts an online interview series -- The Filmmaker's Life.  She speaks weekly to filmmakers with production, directing, and distribution roles throughout the industry.


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The Filmmaker's Life

Success as a filmmaker is not something you learn in film school; The Filmmaker’s Life begins that education.

September 2020


In Double Vision: Couples in Production, The Filmmaker’s Life series explores the dynamics of filmmaking couples.  It’s weird enough to be a couple which already blurs the binary between individual and unit.  On top of that, these couples have to unify divergent visions of a shared project. Let’s see how they do it….

October 2020


In our celebration of BIPOCQ: Transcending Marginalization, we will look at filmmakers who have found pathways that allow them to have their voices heard, in spite of various forms of systemic oppression.  How is it possible to raise your voice and be heard?

November 2020


It’s still amazing to me when filmmakers ask if I live in L.A.  Why? Filmmakers are creating great films all over the world, and we’ll look at this in this month’s exploration of International Filmmaking: A Global Perspective.

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Independent Filmmaking is today’s most powerful tool to tell stories, express creative vision, and change the world.

Independent Filmmakers spend a great amount of their time and energy in finding money to make their films. In fact, it may be necessary to spend 50% of their time focused on finding money for your film.

So how do you find people willing to invest in your next film?

What are investors interested in?


Here's a glimpse of what you'll learn:

Difference between a donor and an investor

How much is your film worth?

Raising the Money to Make Your Film

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